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Is engineered to offer customers an improved commitment to the environment, without any loss in product performance.

Traditionally, manufactures of flexible foam for the carpet, furniture and bedding industries relied solely on petroleum-based materials. NovusFoam™ now replaces a portion of its fossil fuel based ingredients, with a reactive material made from plant seed oils. It is estimated that for every million pounds of petroleum-based polyols replaced with bio polyols, nearly 2,200 barrels of crude oil can be saved. Width over a billion pounds of polyols used each year; these savings can be significant over time.

NovusFoam™ compares in comfort and performance with traditional foam, yet delivers a smaller environmental footprint, by offering up to 36% less CO2 emissions, and up to 23% lower manufacturing energy requirement. The result offers customers a new eco-friendly choice, to provide better products for people and our planet.



  • improved comment to the environment by reducing carbon footprint
  • less dependence on non-renewable resouces
  • 36% less CO2 emissions
  • 23% lower energy requirement to produce
  • improved stability in supply and pricing
  • great marketing potential